Welcome Page

Welcome to Carved Fairy Houses, where you will learn how to carve whimsical fairy houses with only a few tools.

This website is dedicated to helping you become a great carver, with step by step tutorial classes, product reviews, safety do’s and don’ts, carving articles, tips, and tricks, frequently asked questions, Resources, Links, Beginners page, a Classic carvers page, carving videos, a gallery, and a for sale page.

Don’t worry if you think you have no talent. You don’t need talent to create a carving. It’s super easy to learn this craft. It just takes time, patience, and a little help from the tutorial classes or the carving videos in the near future.

Here is an example of one of my carvings, placed on a stone base. The house and pine tree are all one piece of wood.

Fairy house with rock yard and pine tree

Fairy home with rock yard and pine tree

Carved Fairy Houses is a new website, so if you don’t see the category you’re looking for please be patient with me, I’m creating them as fast as I can.