The Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves

There are many kinds of wood carving gloves on the market today. What ones are the best? I’ll give an overview of the most common wood carving gloves, so you can choose the one that fits your hand and needs the best.

Let’s get started

There are several types of carving gloves available. It’s important to understand that wood carving gloves will stop a slicing cut, but no glove will prevent punctures.

Many carvers try a few different gloves before finding one that suites their needs and hand size. Gloves are sold as a pair or as singles, so pay attention to the description of the products

If you are doing any kind of Powder carving, it’s very important to NOT WEAR A GLOVE.  The reason for this is, a glove WILL get caught into your burs and cause a great deal of damage to your fingers, hand, and other parts of your body. 

I have firsthand knowledge of the effects of this. NO I didn’t do this myself, but a friend of mine did, the damage she received was quite saver.  She not only broke her index finger in three places, but gouged her hand very deep in several places needing 54 stitches to close her middle finger and hand back up.  Needless to say it was a painful lesson to learn the hard way for her. 

Many carvers only wear a single glove on their hand that holds the wood. Here are a few to choose from.

Kevlar Knit Gloves With Rubber Dots

This is the glove I use. It is a soft knit glove with reinforced threads that gives me a great deal of dexterity, yet is soft to the touch and protects my skin very well.

Beginner Carving Kevlar Carving Glove Palm

Kevlar carving glove palm side

  • Kevlar knit gloves with reinforced threads, which feature a rubber dot pattern for increased grip.
  • Helps to prevent cuts
  • Dots help to grip on the wood
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Available from MDI Woodcarvers Supply

Author views on product:

There are several gloves that have more protection than the one I use, but you lose dexterity because of the thinker leather material and they are not very comfortable in my opinion.

These are knife carving gloves; they are a tight weave to protect you from the tip and edge of the knife.

My gloves are only reinforced with stronger Kevlar . They do not have steel in them. I like a very flexible glove and as I’m an advanced carver I don’t feel the need to use a glove with more protection. Although I DO expect my students to wear a glove with at least a grade 4 protection.

Stainless Steel Mesh Glove

Safety Cut Proof, Stab Resistant, Stainless Steel Mesh Glove

Stainless Steel Mesh Gloves

Stainless Steel Gloves

Material: Stainless steel wire:

  • Palm width: Approx.10cm/3.94 inch.
  • Length of the middle finger: Approx. 8cm / 3.15 inch.
  • Total length: Approx. 24cm / 9.5 inch.
  • Fit both right and left hands.
  • Cut-resistant, stab-resistant, but NOT stab proof  
  • Protection grade: 5

Available from Amazon

Author views on product:

These gloves are made from wire mesh, they are a heavy metal and you will feel their weight on your hand as you wear it.  Any glove made from metal is going to be heavy.

These are good for people with either medium to large hands. Smaller hands will find this glove to be to heavy to use on a full time bases. They work find for short term though.

These are made for using heavy tools like chisels and heavy rough out tools.

Kevlar knit glove with leather palm

Kevlar Glove With Leather Palm

Kevlar Glove With Leather Palm

  • Kevlar leather palm, fingers, and thumb.
  • The leather prevents the wood from slipping in the glove.
  • This glove allows you to get a better hold on the carving.
  • Comes in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Available from The Carving Glove Guy

Author views on product:

These gloves are a nice soft cloth and have a thin layer of suede leather in their palms. They are a good medium weight glove to use and offers a fair amount of protection. Most hand carvers use these gloves to at least rough out their cut outs.

The leather palm gloves are a bit stiffer than just Kevlar gloves, but I wouldn’t say that they implead movement in any way, if you have medium or large size hands. I find the leather palm gloves are a bit too stiff for my small hands and I lose some of my dexterity with them, so they’re not the ones I would choose for myself for that reason.

I wish I could have found a better picture of these gloves, as this one doesn’t show the leather on the palms.

Kevlar glove reinforced with steel threads

Kevlar Gloves With Reinforced Stainless Steel Threads

Kevlar Gloves With Reinforced Stainless Steel Threads

  • More comfortable than an all-metal glove
  • Does a better job than a Kevlar knit glove
  • Glove is reinforced with steel threads
  • Comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL

Available from Amazon

Author views on product:

These are medium weight gloves, and offer a good grade 5 protection. They are a bit heavy for small hands.

Kevlar knit glove with rubber gripping dots

Kevlar Gloves With Rubber Gripping Dots

Kevlar Gloves With Rubber Gripping Dots

  • Great compromise between safety and comfort
  • Kevlar fibers are soft as cotton, but more slash resistant
  • Allows for good freedom of movement
  • Has rubber gripping dots, which helps hold the project securely
  • Comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL

Available from Amazon

Author views on product:

These gloves are a light weight option; they have rubber gripping dots on both sides of the glove. They can be worn on either hand. These are the same gloves I use, except in a different color.


Stainless Steel Filet Glove

Stainless Steel Filet Glove

Stainless Steel Filet Glove

Stops a slash by most knives. but will not stop a puncture wound due to the medium weave of the material. They are of medium weight and offer a grade 5 protection.

  • Comes in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Available in the fishing section of sporting goods stores.

Author views on product:

These are easy to get in most sporting and fishing stores and offer good protection at a reasonable cost.


Chain-mail glove

Chain-mail Glove

Chain-mail Glove

  • A dedicated chain- mail carver’s glove
  • These are kind of pricy though

Available from

Author views on product:

These are a heavy chain-mail glove, made from Stainless Steel rings weaved together. They are a heavy weight too. Would be good for Medium to Large hands. They might be a bit too heavy for small hands, but this is just my opinion. You have to oil clean these gloves to keep them for rusting, and then polish them dry. I prefer to use a glove I can either wash out by hand or throw in the washer.


Grespri 2 pairs cutting gloves for Men and Women

Grespri 2 Pair Mens And Womens Kevlar Gloves

Grespri 2 Pair Men And Women Kevlar Gloves

  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Grade Level 5
  • We offer two sizes in one package — Medium and Large
  • 2 pairs (4 total)
  • lightweight and elastic
  • Machine washable

Available from Amazon

Author views on product:

These are the lightest weight gloves that deliver a grade 5 protection. They are also food safe, so you could use them in the kitchen cutting meat or vegetables as well as carving.


Thumb protection

Leather Thumb Guard

Leather Thumb Guard

  • Carvers protective thumb guard for their knife-holding hand.
  • Cushions your thumb as you do the pairing cut
  • Leather pad attached to an elastic band
  • Split Leather
  • Closed end for fit and safety
  • Elastic Cloth Backing
  • Priced per pair

Available from Amazon

Author views on product:

These thumb guards are light weight and provide a good 4 grade protection. I find the elastic tends to give out after a few months of use, so you might want to buy a few of them at a time.


Flexible Finger Tape ( 2 Pack)

Flexible Finger Tape 2 Pack

Flexible Finger Tape 2 Pack

  • Soft and flexible tape used to prevent small cuts
  • Add cushioning to your fingers
  • Excellent for wrapping tool handles
  • Tape sticks to itself
  • No residue when removed
  • Comes in 2 packs of assorted colors
  • 1″ wide and 15 feet long

Available from Amazon

Author views on product:

These are very good for a grade 3 protection, if you wrap the finger or thumb several times. They can be put around your tool handles as another way to give a much better grip for that tool.

I like using this as a thumb guard as I can take it off in one piece and reuse it several times before I either loose it or throw it away.

Summing it all up:

Okay, we talked about The Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves.

We’ve learned the differences between the Kevlar knit, Kevlar reinforced with steel threads, and the Kevlar knit with rubber gripping dots.

We’ve also learned the differences between the Stainless steel mesh, Stainless steel filet, and the heavy duty Chain-mail gloves.

Then there was the Grespri cutting gloves and don’t forget the thumb guards and the flexible finger tape too.

All of these products will help protect your hands and keep you a lot safer while carving. I do hope you choose at least one of these products and get in the habit of using them each and every time you carve. Keeping yourself safe and cut free will lead to many enjoyable carving years and many wonderful carvings too.

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please feel free to do so.
I would love to hear from you and help in any way I can.

Lynne Clay
Founder of Carved Fairy Houses


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10 Responses to The Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves

  1. C says:

    Thank you for your expertise on carving gloves.

    So, no glove will prevent punctures, but the stainless steel mesh glove is stab resistant? Does that mean it can resist punture but not guaranteed to prevent it? 

    Your glove, with the kevlar fibers and rubber dots, looks the best. You can get a good grip with that as well as have protection from slashes. 

    Thumb protection also sounds like a great idea. Is the finger tape for bandaging an injury or do you put it on before hand to prevent injury?

     Thanks! Have a good day.

    • Lynne Clay says:

      Thanks C, for visiting my website and reading my article on the Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves. 

      Yes that is what the article is saying. The Stainless Steel mesh glove is stab RESISTANT, but they will NOT guarantee you won’t get punctured through them. The reason for that is, they are made from a wire mesh that has fibers that can still let through a small knife tip or micro chisel.  The weave isn’t as close as the picture would lead you to believe.

      I use a Kevlar glove that is reinforced with stainless steel threads, it’s a soft glove similar to a heavy cotton that gives me a lot of dexterity and good grip.

      The finger tape is used to wrap your fingers or thumb in before you start carving. It’s to protect your fingers from cuts. Thanks for pointing out that I didn’t put this information into my article. I will go back and correct that right now.

      I hope that answered all your questions. If you have any more questions or comments please feel free to add them either here or in the comment section. 

      I’m looking forward to seeing you again on my website.


  2. Rodarrick says:

    Wow! Very much useful information and I sure as heck found it very interesting g and helpful to read on.I just decided to get back to my woodcarving business after some 20years and I am looking forward to getting some great tools back. The carving gloves you have listed here are all excellent and I should get like 4out of it since they are mostly different I functions and it all depend on what I am doing that would determine the gloves to be worn. I will try to be very judicious in my selection too. Thanks

    • Lynne Clay says:

      Thanks for reading my article on Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves. I’m so glad you found my article not only very helpful but informative too.

       I’m glad you decided to get back into wood carving. There are so many new tool to choose from now a days, it’s not like 20 years ago where we only had a few good knives and chisels to choose from. Now a days you can get almost anything you need on line. This makes it so convenient to shop and receive the best tools without even leaving your home. 

      There are many different kinds of gloves to choose from, The kind of glove you want will depend on what kind of carving you’re doing. Knife carving gloves are a tighter weave then say Relief carving ones, where you would use chisels and a looser carving mesh glove. 

  3. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thank you for this post offering a list of great options to choose from.

    I like the protection chain provides but the feel, weight, and noise bother me.  I think Kevlar is the way to go but I’m not sure if I want the rubber-grip dots or leather palm.  Is the leather palm option stiffer and resistant to natural movement/grip?

    I’m leaning toward the glove you use but I’m still on the fence.

    Thanks again,


    • Lynne Clay says:

      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my article on the Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves.

      I can understand how the weight and noise level of chain mail could bother you while carving. I too don’t like the weight of them and the extra care you must take to keep them from rusting after a while.

      I agree that Kevlar is the way to go now a days. They are soft and very durable gloves, not to mention are easy to care for. You can just throw them into the washer and hang dry. So much easier then having to oil chain mail and buffing them dry.

      The leather palm gloves are a bit stiffer but I wouldn’t say that they implead movement in any way, if you have medium or large size hands. I find the leather palm gloves are a bit too stiff for my small hands and I loose some of my dexterity with them. I find the grip in about the same though between the dots and the leather.

      I hope that helps you out. If not, please feel free to ask any other questions you like.

  4. Jones says:

    This is really nice, I could remember when my grandpa was still very much alive, I was a teenager then but I still can picture those moments in his workshop. There was a day he went to grab a bottle of beer from the house and I was alone In the work shop, tried on his gloves and I must say I didn’t like it, lol. I was a kid and I like really soft and gentle materials, not stainless mesh gloves, like he had. This article will be useful to people in the furniture making Field, they will be able to get good quality gloves it fit their purpose. Thanks

    • Lynne Clay says:

      Thanks for visiting my website and for reading my article on the Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves. 

      I liked your memory of being in your grandfathers shop and trying on his gloves. You painted a very nice picture of it, I can just see it in my mind now. What a wonderful memory. 

      If he had stainless steel mesh gloves, then he was working on a very hard wood carving. Do you remember if his carving was 3 dimensional or flat? Not that it matters, I was just curious.

  5. shirian says:

    Wow this is a really helpful article and I didn’t know we had so many choices in carving gloves, I just knew a few of them, and now I know more because of your article and information.

     I had a Kevlar glove reinforced with steel too, for some wood carving with my best friend. Those gloves were really good and helpful, they fit well and they are truly comfortable and safe to use. I really recommend them to those who are looking for a good and comfortable wood carving glove.

     I really appreciate this helpful article ! Thank you!

    • Lynne Clay says:

      Thanks Shirian for visiting my website and reading my article on the Top 8 Wood Carving Gloves. I’m glad you found my information very useful and interesting.

      There are many, many more kinds of carving gloves out on the market today then what I covered in my article. I only chose the top 8 because I felt these were the best from the very long list of gloves to choose from.

      You have the same kind of wood carving glove that I use. The Kevlar with reinforced stainless steel threads in them. I find that this glove gives me a tight fit and great dexterity. The rubber gripping dots also help me hold onto the wood without worrying about slippage.

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